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Southern Lighting and Traffic Systems

Southern lighting and traffic systems

ATMS Applications

Centracs 2.0 ATMS


 Transportation agencies, now more than ever, are looking for more efficient and cost effective solutions to manage traffic. Econolite offers Centracs 2.0 Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) as a valuable component of an effective ITS solution to easily address current and future traffic management challenges. Centracs 2.0 provides an integrated platform for traffic signal control, ITS field device monitoring and control, information management, graphical data display, advanced traffic algorithms, and much more. Centracs 2.0 is a flexible, user friendly and cost-effective system, enabling agencies to realize significant mobility benefits from its ATMS investment. The flexible and scalable Centracs 2.0 design also provides agencies with feature-rich options that best meet evolving transportation agency needs.  

Econolite Centracs 2.0

Centracs SPM


Econolite offers Centracs SPM, which replaces ad hoc and expensive re-timing processes by providing continuous performance monitoring of traffic signals. The system provides continuous high-resolution traffic data collection and analytics, enabling transportation professionals to proactively address traffic signal timing optimization, and enhance mobility and safety. This allows agencies to make signal re-timing strategy decisions based on actual high-resolution performance data without the costs of manually collected low-resolution data, and software modeling and simulations. In addition, Centracs SPM is an ideal fit for connected and autonomous vehicle and Smart City applications. 

Econolite Centracs SPM

BlueTOAD Travel-Time System


The ability to see accurately what is occurring on your road network in real-time is an essential ITS operations management utility. In addition, having the ability to report on travel-times and speeds using a host of reporting options is an important performance based tool for the Traffic Engineer and Planner. The TrafficCast BlueARGUS software suite combines both real-time features, along with reporting features to deliver the most comprehensive travel-time system in the market. 

 The BlueTOAD system provides a real-time speed map that allows the user to see every link and all the corresponding information, such as the travel-time and average speed. In addition, the BlueTOAD speed map allows the user to view the color indication based on either the speed limit or historical average.  

TrafficCast BlueTOAD

Connected Vehicle Technology

 Econolite is a customer-focused provider of innovative solutions for the transportation management systems market, dedicated to the enhancement of mobility and safety on our roadways. By nurturing strategic affiliations and partnerships, Econolite is expanding its commitment to the development and advancement of future-forward initiatives like connected vehicle (CV) technologies and other industry innovations. 

Connected Vehicle Coprocessor Module

 TrafficCast International, Inc., introduces its latest detector technology, the BlueTOAD® Spectra RSU, a breakthrough Connected Vehicle technology that combines the BlueTOAD Travel Time detector with a 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communications system! 

BlueTOAD Spectra RSU