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Southern Lighting and Traffic Systems

Southern lighting and traffic systems

Pedestrian Safety

RRFB / School Crossing


 The Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) is a device using LED flashing beacons in combination with pedestrian warning signs, to provide a high-visibility strobe-like warning to drivers when pedestrians use a crosswalk. In general, RRFBs are a visual cue that pedestrians may begin crossing the roadway at any time. They are always accompanied by crosswalk markings and signs. According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, RRFBs were found to increase the effectiveness  in causing drivers to yield to pedestrians from 0-26% to 72-96%.   

K&K Systems RRFB SYstems

LED Enhanced Signs


 High visibility LED enhanced signs are designed to attract vehicle drivers to upcoming hazards or areas of pedestrian activity.  The LEDs are activated by various methods and are effective day or night.  These signs been shown to significantly improve driver attention and reduce incidents in locations such as crosswalks, school zones, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, and hospitals.  Just about any warning or regulatory sign can be outfitted with high visibility LEDs.

K&K Systems Alert Systems

In-roadway Lighting


 LED Enhanced delineation systems respond to an activation from your signal control cabinet to delineate turning movements or to alert drivers approaching pedestrian crossings.  The In-Road Warning Lights (IRWL) dramatically enhance the left turn lane lines to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents caused  by vehicles cutting or drifting into adjacent lanes.   Activated by the pedestrian, a crosswalk system flashes a barrier of daytime visible LEDS directly in the driver's ling of sight making the crosswalk dramatically more visible than it would be with just roadside beacons, RRFBs, or static signs.

Pedestrian Push Buttons


 SLTS offers a wide variety of pedestrian push buttons to comply with all agency standards and requirements.  As the MUTCD moves to more intelligent and interactive push buttons, SLTS now offers a pushbutton which fully compliant with the lastest MUTCD specifications.  The Campbell Company Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station (WiAAPS) communicates through a secured network and utilizes field wires for power. The simple set-up and web-based management capabilities make this solution a truly innovative part of any intersection.  

Campbell WiAAPS