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Southern Lighting and Traffic Systems

Southern lighting and traffic systems

Poles, signals, Hardware and other construction products

Concrete and Steel Poles


SLTS is proud to represent several manufacturers of poles, both steel and concrete.  We offer high-end products that meet all AASHTO, ASTM and CSA standards.   We offer Millerbernd, Stresscrete, Baldwin, and Structural & Steel Products poles.  The variety of products is we offer is unmatched by any other provider in our territory.

Concrete & Steel Poles

Street and Sports Lighting


SLTS provides lighting products for highways, roadways and sporting facilities.  We offer lighting products provided by GE, Hubbell, Cooper and Sternberg.  We supply everything from standard roadway lighting to decorative and historic lighting options for downtown areas to high-mast lighting for freeway interchanges and sports parks and practice fields.

Lighting Products

Signals and Hardware


SLTS provides aluminum and polycarbonate vehicle and pedestrian signals manufactured by Econolite.  Pelco  provides all the signal hardware used to mount the signals, either to span wire or signal mast arms and poles and offers a complete line of traffic products and accessories. GE provides all our LED inserts.  As ISO 9001 certified companies, both Econolite and Pelco are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers while adhering to regulatory requirements based on quality management principles. 

Signals and Hardware

Lowering Systems


SLTS provides lowering systems for both CCTV and high mast lighting applications.  Lowering devices provide safety for workers and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for high lifting bucket trucks at the field locations.

Lowering Systems

Pedestrian Poles and Bases


SLTS offers a variety of pedestrian poles and bases manufactured by Component Products, Inc (CPI).   CPI offers spun aluminum poles, ranging from 2' to 28', with round, square and octagonal breakaway bases.  All of our poles can be painted or powder coated to match agency requirements.

CPI Website

Chemque Products


 Chemque, a division of Royal Adhesives, produces our construction products, such as expanding composites, bonding agents, concrete/asphalt sealers and coatings are used to backfill sign posts (Fast 2k), as traffic detector loop sealants (Q-Seal), airport runway light sealants (Elastomeric Sealant) and in several other applications. 

Fast 2k Pull Test